Monday, June 1, 2009

Must Try...

In my year of working at the University of Phoenix I have come across a few gems in Phoenix and I think everyone needs to try them. Make a date out of it... these are wonderful!

1. LGO - Le Grande Orange. This place has it all, breakfast, sushi, sandwiches, and freaking fantastic pizza. It is also a really cute market and has a delicious dessert selection!

2. Arlecchino Gelateria. Next door to LGO, if you don't try it while you're there, you are definitely missing out. The best Gelato HANDS DOWN!

3. Essence Bakery and Cafe. TO DIE FOR macaroons and different desserts to choose from each week. Mediterranean Cafe - if you're ever in the mood for Hummus this is a MUST TRY. I love their Spanakopita or Mediterranean Platter.

4. America's Taco Shop. Make sure you try the Vampiro and their Bean and Cheese Burrito. Mmm...

5. Gallo Blanco. Also a taco shop, opened by the head chef from LGO. Try their Torta or several taco's...they are small.

6. Bertha's Café. SALADS!! Their sandwiches are great too though!

Anyways, just thought I would share these little beauties with you all. You can google each of them for locations and directions. Bon Appétit!

Holy Pig!

Just thought this was interesting...
Thats right folks! That is a gigantic porker. The farmer killed it when he spotted him eating a COW!!! Not gonna lie, that thing would terrify me!