Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ugh, I was so disappointed with the finale of the bachelorette. Ed is a goober, best word to describe him. Why didn't she pick Reid? Ok, ok maybe it was the whole "love" factor. But seriously, Ed? His shorts are shorter than her mini skirt...

They're having a GIRL!

Kari and Buddha are having another little girl. I'm sure she is going to be just as adorable as her sisters...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A.I. Concert - UH MAZING (most of it)

So Angie and I went to American Idol last night, and I have to was really good! I don't really watch the show, but the concert was great!! Its a very fun concert because you get to hear so many styles. And since I don't really know any of the artists, I was glad they all sang songs we knew so we could sing along! I forgot to charge my camera so I have very few real pictures, these are all taken from my phone. There were a couple of low points for me - 1 being Megan's entire set. The girl isn't good and is SO awkward to watch "dance". She does all this weird pointing and swaying. 2 would be Adam Lambert's attempt to be sultry and sexy. It was Hilarious. Don't get me wrong, the kid has some MAJOR pipes, but I just cant handle his lunges and crotch grabbing while singing something along the lines of "every inch of my love". BUH! Even with his over-the-top dancing and facial expressions, he was entertaining and we laughed the entire time he was on stage. Fav's would have to be Lil Rounds, Anoop, Matt, Danny, Allison, and Kris. Lil Rounds sang Single Ladies and she did an OK job actually...but she is no Beyonce! Anoop sang a Brittney Spears song (cant remember which one) and it was SO FUNNY!! Matt rocked out on the piano and sang an excellent version of Georgia. Danny sang a few Rascal Flatts songs - including What Hurts the Most... Allison is a rockstar, Barracuda was awesome. And Kris was just great!! Opening his set with Heartless (yes the Kanye West song) and closing with Hey Jude. What a great night!







Lil' Rounds


Megan - aka stripper wannabe

??? - Haha I cant remember this dude's name

Thursday, July 16, 2009

American Idol!!

So I had an fantastic drive into work yesterday morning. I always listen to John Jay and Rich in the mornings, they are hilarious. Anyways, I usually try to answer the question for the tired and brain dead, and I get it right quite often in my I called in. My call went right through on the first try. The question was "What is the number one excuse girls use to either not go out on a date, or get out of a date they are currently on?" And the answer is..."Tell them you have to go console a girlfriend going through a breakup". I really did use that excuse one time, so it just came to me and it was RIGHT! So now, I will be sitting fifth row at AMERICAN IDOL on Monday with Mangie. It is going to be so fun!!
Side note: I must be pretty good at that game, I actually got it right a few months ago and won a DVD. But this is a way better prize!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Isn't he just really, really, ridiculously good looking?!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jersey Girl

Our puppy is getting so BIG!

She started out as this sweet little puppy who I could hold in one hand. We even had to drag her for a while when we took her for walks, as she was getting used to her leash. But eventually she got the hang of it.

Now she is HUGE, and still growing. She is loud and so fast, and literally takes me for walks. But we still love her. She is a sweetie and Ty is definitely her favorite, although she likes me too. She has learned to sit, stay, shake, and rollover. Sometimes she will play fetch...but usually she runs to whatever toy you have thrown her, and takes it off to a corner so she can play with it in peace. And she is so slobbery... seriously she walks past me and soaks my leg before I even know she is there.
We are so happy we found a house that has a great yard for her to play in!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Busy Busy Busy...

Well the last few weeks certainly have been very busy!

It all started with Ty's birthday. I managed to pull off a surprise party for him...and he was actually surprised!! I had a ton of help, of course. Everyone set up a BBQ at Freestone Park, complete with 25+ water guns and TONS of water balloons. I gave Ty a beach cruiser (bike) for his birthday, I already have one. He loved it! And when I gave it to him he fell right into my little trap asking if we could go for a bike ride!! We went for a ride and I let him think he was leading. Then as we got to freestone park, I took the lead and we ran right into his surprise party. It was pretty fun to watch him realize what was going on. He was so excited. All in all a great birthday. got better!!

Right as we were getting ready to leave for our bike ride, we got a phone call with some EXCELLENT news. Our offer had been accepted for a house on Crismon and Broadway. We love the house and could not be happier how it all worked out. After 2 1/2 months of searching, this was by far the best house we had found and we love it. Happy Birthday to Ty!!

Tuesday we took our engagement pictures, they turned out AMAZING!!! It was so fun and I really could not be more thrilled with the pictures. We took them at Tempe Lake with Mark Mabry. Here's a few....